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About Our California Sexual Harassment Attorney

Dan Gilleon is an experienced sexual harassment attorney. His charisma, exceptional articulation, and cunning ability to pull off remarkable wins in both simple and complex cases in California makes him top of his class. Over decades, Mr. Gilleon has built a stellar reputation based on aggressively defending his clients with remarkable intensity and passion. In fact, many attest that Mr. Gilleon consistently wields immense influence and power within the corridors of justice.

Dan Gilleon is the perfect embodiment of hard work and a never-ending quest to delivering beyond the client’s needs. Mr. Gilleon initially worked at a legal firm specializing in defending insurance companies. It was at this firm that Mr. Gilleon recognized and nurtured the intense “fire in his belly” that has become synonymous with his fight for sexual harassment victims and the attainment of several accolades during his stellar career. His outstanding award collection includes Consumer Attorneys of San Diego’s “Outstanding Trial Lawyer," “Superlawyer” recognitions, and Martindale Hubbell’s “AV Preeminent” Award.

What Sets Him Apart from His Peers?

Dan Gilleon strives to defend the often overlooked, underprivileged person. He speaks boldly against sexual battery, gender violence, and sexual harassment. As such, his victories have elevated the weak and instilled a sense of confidence in the legal system. His extraordinary exploits have also intimidated powerful companies and criminals on the opposing defense team.

Florida-born, Dan Gilleon migrated to California upon his father’s promotion to Disney. As a young teen, Mr. Gilleon graduated early from high school and enrolled in the U.S Navy at just 17 years of age. After his four-year stint in the Navy, he attended UCSD College and the California Western School of Law, courtesy of an academic scholarship.

Work Achievements

Dan Gilleon is known for aggressively defending his clients in sexual harassment cases to safeguard their freedom at any cost. He prides himself of handling hundreds of cases and getting top dollar winnings. He has progressively built a stellar reputation based on representing high profile sexual harassment cases, such as that against former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

A hotshot lawyer, Dan Gilleon also wielded his remarkable expertise when filing a lawsuit against Ms. Cristina Garcia for inappropriate behavior that bordered on sexual harassment. By filing a lawsuit against the defendant, Mr. Gilleon showcased unwavering commitment to serving the best interests of his clients regardless of their financial status.

Dan Gilleon also played a critical role in a settlement case between Mariana Garcia, age 25, and Alejandro Ruiz-Velasco, age 42. The latter was accused of sexually harassing Ms. Garcia from 2014 to 2017. With Mr. Gilleon’s help, Ms. Garcia was entitled to a $400,000 settlement from the defendant. A substantial sum offered is likely to positively uplift the plaintiff’s life through various initiatives.

The above are just some of the high-profile cases that Dan Gilleon has handled. He is not biased in any way. Regardless of the client’s background and financial status, Mr. Gilleon is ready to pull up his sleeves and dig deep into the case.

Other Interests

When not aggressively defending clients in court, Dan Gilleon spends ample time enlightening the public regarding legal principles likely to affect their lives in one way or another, sharing his highly coveted insight on sexual harassment and how to address the problem effectively. He reiterates the need to rectify flaws in the law to ensure that sexual harassment perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Dan Gilleon resides in San Diego with his six children. He is an avid golfer and loves taking his family on road trips to Big Bear.

Awards and Accolades

  • 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 Client’s Choice Award
  • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40
  • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Top Attorney Practicing Criminal Defense rating of 10.0 out of 10.0 based on peer endorsements and client reviews
  • Super Lawyers 2017
  • Super Lawyers Rising Star 2015 – which recognizes no more than the top 2.5% attorneys under 40 in the state of California
  • Top 40 Criminal Defense Lawyers Under 40 in the State of California: American Society of Legal Advocates 2015
  • 2011 San Diego Daily Transcript Top Young Attorneys Finalist
  • 2011 Top DUI Attorneys in San Diego in 2011 by San Diego Metro Magazine

It's all too common in today's workplace for people to be discriminated against by their employers or coworkers based on sex and even to endure unwanted sexual advances. We at Sexual Harassment Attorney exist to defend you against all sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, and other forms of discrimination.

You don't have to "just take it," and you don't have to suffer financial loss uncompensated from a wrongful firing, lack of promotion, or lack of hiring stemming from discrimination-based decisions of an employer.

The experienced lawyers at Sexual Harassment Attorney know exactly what to do in each such situation. We will help you find the best path forward in filing and pursuing a California sexual harassment (or other discrimination) suit.

Contact us today by calling 800-905-1856 for a free, no-obligation consultation and we will waste no time in getting started on winning your case!.

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

California, unfortunately, has no shortage of sexual harassment incidents and other discriminatory practices by employers; and hence, it's not surprising that there are numerous sexual harassment law firms operating in the state.

But to win your rightful compensation and do it in as little time as possible, it takes a law firm that excels and stands out from the crowd.

What sets us at Sexual Harassment Attorney apart from our competition? Here are a few of the most important answers to that question:

  • Personal and Personalized Service. We walk you through the process of filing and winning your sexual harassment suit from day one. We give your case the personal attention it deserves and customize our services to the needs of each and every client.
  • Deep and Wide-ranging Experience. Our legal team has literally decades of combined experience. We have successfully handled numerous cases in every sexual harassment and discrimination related practice area.
  • The Utmost Professionalism. We treat you with respect and dignity. You are not just a number or "another case" to us. We take the time to educate you on what the law says and what are your best legal options, but we always leave the final decision on how to proceed with you.
  • Quick Communication. We do not take on a case and then leave our client in the dark about how it is progressing. We keep you informed every step of the way and communicate with you "early and often."
  • Faster, Better Results. We are organized and ready to rapidly every necessary legal step as soon as possible, and we know how to speed up your case. We often reach an acceptable settlement that prevents the need to wait for a trial - and we have a history of winning large settlements for our clients.

Our Legal Practice Areas

Sexual Harassment Attorney has deep-seated expertise across a wide range of practice areas relevant to California's anti-sexual harassment and anti-discrimination laws.

We will know how to build you a solid case and win in or out of court regardless of the exact details of your incident(s). Here are some of our most common practice areas in which we serve our many clients:

  • Harassment by Coworker or Employer. The most obvious form of sexual harassment is when a coworker or supervisor forces unwanted sexual advances, photographs, or verbal statements at you.
  • Creating a Hostile Work Environment. Even if your employer did not directly do the sexual harassment, if your employer allows or encourages it in some way, they could be guilty of creating a hostile work environment.
  • Sexual-based Lack of Hiring/Promotion. If you can demonstrate you were not hired or were not promoted because you did not date someone or agree to engage in sexual activity with them, you can be compensated.
  • Wrongful Termination. If you were fired based on gender or sex/dating related matters, or in retaliation for filing a lawsuit, you can be compensated for a wrongful termination.
  • Racial, Religious, or Other Discrimination. We also handle cases for clients discriminated against due to race, religion, national origin, or other illegitimate bases.

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At Sexual Harassment Attorney, we have a long track record of winning harassment and discrimination cases just like yours. We are intimately familiar with California's complex, ever-changing sexual harassment laws as well as with the procedures, paperwork, and deadlines relevant to these kinds of lawsuits.

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